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Making the Lasagna

Lasagna is an easy dish to make.  Sometimes I think it’s too easy.  It’s something which is simple to just throw together, the cooking equivalent of mailing it in.  With a little extra care and thought, it can turn into … Continue reading

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(Not Your Average) Soup, Salad, and Sandwich

Variations on a theme of normal things lends you great opportunities for discovering new ways to make meals that you know you like.  In brainstorming for this week’s Monday Night Gamers, we came up with an easy way to make … Continue reading

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Salsicce Peperonata dell’Aquila

Salsicce peperonata is simply grilled sausage, onion, and peppers.  It’s a common dish around here, especially for a hungry group like the Monday Night Gamers, or in smaller doses, an easy dish to make for two. It’s usually served with … Continue reading

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Making the Sauce

Like many discoveries in food and wine, we’ve figured out what centuries upon centuries and generations upon generations of Italian cooks have already discovered—there’s no substitute for low and slow.  When it comes to making a basic marinara, this truth … Continue reading

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