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Democratization and Digital Manifestos

I want to look at a few issues which arose while reading the Digital Manifesto 2.0. First of all, call something a manifesto and non-already-engaged readers will see even the perfectly printed page tilting precariously into a scrawl around the … Continue reading

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The Cuba-Russia Connection

William Gibson’s Spook Country, this week’s reading (if you can call a full novel “a reading”) involves the anxieties of post-9/11 America, locative art, and a Cuban-Russian connection regarding the undermining of the US.  Gibson uses one of his characters … Continue reading

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Wrapping My Brain Around the Digital Humanities

First, you’re probably asking yourself “what the hell is Digital Humanities?”  The next round in the chamber is “and why is it on a food and wine blog?”  Those are fine questions, which I will endeavor to answer. But first … Continue reading

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