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Vegetable-Gouda Cheesecake

One of our favorite brunch recipes, taken directly from Southern Living’s “Five-Star  recipe Collection” is this savory cheesecake, so when The Rocket Scientist enjoyed a well-earned day off, we knew it was time to make it again.  We normally make … Continue reading

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Making the Sauce

Like many discoveries in food and wine, we’ve figured out what centuries upon centuries and generations upon generations of Italian cooks have already discovered—there’s no substitute for low and slow.  When it comes to making a basic marinara, this truth … Continue reading

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Jiko, The Cooking Place

When Canadian friends Gavin and Sarah came visiting, it seemed natural to offer them part of the Florida Disney experience which many people simply miss:  namely, one of the signature restaurants.  In this case, we chose Jiko, The Cooking Place, … Continue reading

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Roasted Beet and Avocado Salad for Two

Beets provide an excellent foundation for laying other interesting ingredients on top of.  Their firm texture and distinct flavor provides something to build around, which is how we came up with this  imple, fresh, but somehow exotic salad.  It didn’t … Continue reading

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The great, rich flavors of Tuscan wine, particularly Sangiovese, are wonderful to drink, so it occurred to me to cook with it.  I knew that I wanted to make a beef stew, since I realized that I had never actually … Continue reading

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Favorites Under $30

After talking about some favorites under $15, I thought I’d look at the next step up.  Obviously, there is a great deal more territory under the $30 trellis, so I’m sure there are lots of favorites out there that I … Continue reading

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Our Favorite (Mise En) Place

It had been most of a month since we had been back to our favorite restaurant, and The Rocket Scientist’s return from a week of traveling provided the right opportunity.  We had visions of a sundown hot tub, so we … Continue reading

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